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PDN Media ran a two month long campaign for Van’s Waffles, from January to March 2016. 

The campaign consisted of native ad units, small banners and call-outs appearing while consumers were in the process of making their shopping lists.


We found a significant purchase intent lift: Van's Waffles appeared 6 times more often on shopping lists compared to the pre-campaign period - a 622% increase.

Additionally, even after the campaign ended, the brand continued to appear with increased frequency; almost twice as high as the pre-campaign period - an increase of 89%.

PDN Media attributes the continuing success of its campaigns to the fact that it reaches consumers who are in the middle of planning their shopping trips or actually shopping - it is crucial to send the right message to the right consumer at the right time.



“PDN informs people who are shopping, instead of interrupting people who are relaxing.”