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We were founded on the simple idea that advertising is good when it is relevant to what you are buying, and useless, wasteful, and annoying when it isn't.  One of our founders used to tell his Walmart buyers "I really just want to get my message to the people who walk through the door looking to buy cameras.  I don't care about the ones shopping for cereal."  Seems obvious.

The area of commerce that interests us most is offline, traditional retailing, where most purchases are still made, and we are most interested in how the always connected world of smartphones can mediate this offline commerce with the tools from online and digital advertising.  

So we built a few of our own apps, and we tested our ideas.  We had great results.  P&G and Nestle sponsored our tests for a couple years and were wild about our results, which have been many times those of even the best online ad networks.  

And now we want to take that success and bring it to every App we can find that logically fits somewhere in the Purchase Path and every advertiser who would like to reach consumers along that purchase path without the fragmentation of working with a myriad of different retailers.

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