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Talk to consumers in market for your product.

I understand the value of in-store advertising, but I don’t want to talk with the people who are buying cereal, I’m selling diapers!
— Brand rep to Walmart

PDN lets you talk to the right people and do it simply, directly and easily with standard campaigns you already know how to run.  Why use demographics to narrow to a group of likely buyers, when you could use PDN to target exactly who is buying this week?  And not miss the demographic outliers doing so!

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Get the best results in the industry.

We've done the tests with dozens of brands from P&G and Nestle.  We out-perform hands down on every measure.  We do better the closer you get to a purchase measure.  

The bottom-line is simple: we reach users when they are shopping and so receptive to product messages and we target people who are in market for your product.  Both factors make our users more likely to engage.


Be cross-retailer at the shelf!

You can speak across the entire retailer footprint without negotiating separately with dozens or hundreds of retailers.  Your message can be in the hand of the shopper, in front of the shelf, at the moment of truth, without tear-off coupons.


Measure effectiveness with our brand lift reports.

Our network includes apps like shopping lists where consumers indicate their purchase plans.  We use these on exposed and unexposed audiences to measure the impact of your campaigns.


Conquesting based on purchase intent, not past purchases!

PDN can let you target neutral, competitive and loyal users separately and let you deliver different messages and incentives to each group, before they purchase.

Get on the shopping list!

PDN includes many shopping lists.  Getting your brand on the list is sticky.  PDN advertising results in actions that matter!


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