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Campaign and Methodology

PDN Media ran a three month campaign for Foster Farms Corn Dogs in the fall of 2016. The campaign consisted of native ad units, small banners and call-outs appearing while customers were in the process of making their shopping lists, meal plans and other regular shopping activities.

PDN measured purchase intent lift by comparing the number of shoppers with the brand on their shopping list for exposed versus unexposed audiences.

Purchase Intent Lift

Foster Farms appeared 8 times more often on exposed shopping lists compared with unexposed shoppers - a 805% increase.

Interestingly, East and West Coast markets behaved differently over the course of the campaign. While West Coast markets almost quadrupled their penetration, the brand went from a complete unknown to equal penetration in the campaign’s East Coast markets.

Purchase Intenders in Detail

There were also real differences between the brand’s intenders and non-intenders based on their shopping preferences. Some of these were obvious and in fact the basis of our targeting. For example, people who had “hot dogs” as a shopping item were more likely than those who didn’t to engage.

However, other less obvious item preferences also predicted a likelihood to engage. Below we filtered for items with the largest rank differentials in each location.

Item Frequencies on Intenders versus Non-Intenders Lists

PDN Media attributes the continuing success of its campaigns to the fact that it reaches consumers who are in the middle of planning their shopping trips or actually shopping - it is crucial to send the right message to the right consumer at the right time.

“PDN informs people who are shopping, instead of interrupting people who are relaxing.”