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PDN's new native text call-out is outperforming standard display banners by over 9X in initial trials.**  This ad unit is targeted to campaign relevant items on the content of a page, and displayed immediately beside the item targeted.

In initial tests, the new ad unit even gets more than double the clicks of PDN's own targeted banners.  All units were displayed in the same content context to
randomly selected users and promoted both Tropicana's Pure Premium and Chobani's Greek Yogurt.

Both units allow click and Add to List interactions facilitating PDN's brand lift
studies. The primary difference is in placement and in the graphical versus a
simple, short call-out format.

Based on their effectiveness, PDN is in the early stages of rolling these units out across its network. For more information please contact Ivana Stjepanovic at
888 816 8125 Ext 115.

**Based on industry CTR data from the Double Click Display Benchmarks T
ool and PDN's internal testing which is accurate to +/- 0.1%.