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After a full summer of grilling opportunities, PDN’s Shopper, a leading mobile shopping list application with more than two million installs, surveyed its user base to determine their favorite brands of BBQ sauce for 2014.

A few of the interesting findings included:
• The only real standout was Sweet Baby Ray’s which received 37% of the votes.

• The fourth most favorite approach to BBQ sauces was to make it yourself, which was the choice of over 13% of the users.

• There were over 13 other suggested brands, including Dr. Pepper, crashing the party from the soda aisle.

• Jack Daniels did well as a liquor brand crossing over; Budweiser not so well.

For the complete list of BBQ sauces offered in a survey and their rankings you can go here: http://www.pdnmedia.com/press/

“Personally I always make my own, so it was interesting to see how many other options people try.” Said Sean Flynn, CEO. “I’ll be giving Baby Ray’s a try though, that’s for sure!”
— PRWeb