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The Purchase Decision Network and Shopper, a leading mobile shopping list application with more than two million installs (get it free here: http://bit.ly/getshopper), surveyed its user base to determine the brands of turkey that users planned to cook for Thanksgiving, favorite Thanksgiving side dishes and important factors in choosing the turkey.

Noteworthy findings included:

• Butterball has return to their historical market share of 41% after dropping to 30% last year.

• The next closest brands are store brands, Jennie-O and Foster Farms, at 7% - 10%, actually higher than previous years

• Comparing across all 3 years, 2013 saw a jump in both people not cooking Turkey and people unsure of their brand selection. That’s gone in 2014.

• 40% of respondents cite taste as the main factor in choosing the Thanksgiving turkey before value for money (21%) and healthiness (11%). In 2013 healthiness had enjoyed a larger share.

• In a new question this year, 45% of those surveyed picked Thanksgiving stuffing as their favorite side dish over cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and gravy.

• And for the 3rd year running, while discussions of organic and free-range turkeys dominate foodie websites, there is no statistically significant mention of these choices in the mainstream shoppers surveyed.

“We’ve run this survey three years in a row. Last year Butterball really dropped due to a lack of turkeys, and you saw people unsure of what they would do,” said Sean Flynn, CEO of the Purchase Decision Network. “This year with Butterball stronger than ever, you can see there were some winners and losers among the remaining brands.”
— PRWeb