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Chobani is an American brand of strained yogurt produced by Chobani, LLC. The company was founded in 2005 when Hamdi Ulukaya bought a plant in the town of New Berlin, New York, that was being closed by Kraft Foods. Ulukaya hired several of the former Kraft employees as well as a "yogurt master" and launched his brand in 2007.

Campaign and Methodology

PDN Media ran a campaign for Chobani that was delivered to mobile shopping apps using ad units native to the experience.


To measure the success of the campaign, PDN Media tracked how many shoppers put Chobani on their shopping list during and after the campaign for both exposed and unexposed audiences. That was also compared to the occurrence of shoppers with just yogurt on their shopping list which varied less than 1% during the study period.

Chobani on Shopping lists in US




The brand appeared with comparatively higher frequency on shopping lists as a result of the campaign and that effect continued for at least a month following the campaign.