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Campaign and Methodology

PDN Media ran a nationwide campaign for a large and venerable cereal and snack manufacturer. The campaign covered new and established brands and products, targeting appropriate users for each different brand based on the preferences expressed on their shopping lists.

The campaign consisted exclusively of PDN’s native in-list text callout ad unit with Add2List capability.

PDN measured purchase intent lift by comparing the number of shoppers with the brand on their shopping list for exposed versus unexposed audiences.


Purchase Intent Lift

In total, branded products appeared 160% more often on exposed shopping lists compared with unexposed shoppers.




The largest lift was over 2400%, followed by 1010% and then 820%.


Brand Lift in Detail




Purchase Intenders by State




PDN Media attributes the continuing success of its campaigns to the fact that it reaches consumers who are in the middle of planning their shopping trips or actually shopping - it is crucial to send the right message to the right consumer at the right time.


“PDN informs people who are shopping, instead of interrupting people who are relaxing.”