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Shopper, a free grocery shopping app available for iOS, Android, and Blackberry, has recently announced the addition of a new feature: image recognition capabilities. Powered by the Toronto, Canada-based Slyce, a company that offers retailers with visual recognition search platform, the additional feature allows users to add various items to their grocery shopping lists just by snapping their pictures.

Created by the Purchase Decision Network, Shopper currently has more than 1.75 million people using its app. This new “Snap2Add” feature allows them to snap photos of grocery products around their houses and have those items recognized immediately. From there, Shopper can add the items to user’s grocery shopping list, and use the app’s current features to look at product availability and pricing at nearby stores, provide recipe suggestions, and even provide you coupons for any applicable things on your list.

“Snap2Add is really a new way to build mobile lists that is quicker and appeals to a more picture-oriented consumer,” said Purchase Decision Network CEO Sean Flynn. “My daughter was able to build our weekly shopping list as you can see in the video. And she loved doing it!”