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The Purchase Decision Network (PDN), the leading network of shopping apps compared the coupon behavior of its app users to the findings published in Inmar’s 2015 Promotion Industry Analysis, Coupon Trends and Shopper Behavior.

Notable findings include:
• The number of coupons clipped per user rose to 22, almost twice the 2014 number.

• Despite this increase in demand, actual print coupon redemptions dropped almost 90%.
The average value of a clipped coupon was unchanged from last year, at $1.37.

• PDN’s coupon users saved on average $30.07 annually, again outstripping the national average savings published by Inmar of $15.34 (itself an increase over previous years).

• There were 17 new products in the top 20 coupons clipped by PDN users. See here for a detailed infographic of coupon usage.

PDN attributed the dramatic drop in printed coupons to two factors. First, as reported by Inmar, overall distribution of printable coupons saw a declining share of total distribution for two years running and saw a 25% decline in redemption value for the last year.
But the bigger factor for PDN was the failure of print coupon suppliers to keep up with technological changes, making the already notoriously difficult process of printing close to impossible for a large subset of PDN’s users.
— PRWeb