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The next time you’re running low on milk, you could jot down a reminder to pick up more – or instead, you could take a picture of the milk jug with your smartphone and automatically add ‘milk’ to your grocery list.

Grocery list apps aren’t anything new, but one Canadian startup is putting a new spin on them by allowing users to snap pictures of the items, instead of having to type them in. There’s a bonus here as well, because when results come up for a brand of milk, users may also see competitors promoting different offers, coupons, and so on, allowing them to shave a little cash off the weekly grocery budget.

To do all this, Toronto’s Slyce Inc. has partnered with the Purchase Decision Network (PDN), which is based in the U.S. We’ve written about Slyce before, which used to focus more on allowing consumers to take pictures of items they wanted to buy, like a pair of shoes, and then being able to track down those products online using Slyce’s visual search technology.

Now, Slyce is enabling that technology to work with PDN’s Shopper app, giving consumers a grocery list matched with recipes, coupons, and store flyers. PDN’s network of apps, which includes Shopper, Out of Milk, Buy Me a Pie, Our Groceries, and Scan2List, pulls in two million monthly users who power up the apps on 10 million shopping trips per month.
— itbusiness.ca